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Do you have a goal?
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With Smart Goals, your project is

S. pecific
M. easurable
A. ttainable
R. easonable
T. imely

and achieving it has never been easier.

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Application features

Manage goals and projects
with Point goal
with Period
with Reminder
with Progress tracking with entries

Log progress with entries
with Four different types of entries
1. Time recording
2. Point button
3. Number input
4. Check list
with Note

Summarize progress
with Percentage achieved
with Percentage time passed
with Due date
with Days remaining until due
with Simple dot chart

Display progress
in Calendar screen
in Entry list screen
in Chart
1. Barchart
2. Line chart
3. Barchart. Cumulative
4. Line chart. Cumulative

Backup & Restore
with Scheduled job
with Dropbox (Online)