Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Smart Goals users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

In Time input, I need to count hours / minutes without use the "time recording" option, since I use another app as chronometer.

Are you planning widget for this app? Would be great. 

1) Ability to upload a relevant picture to the goal
2) Ability to break down the goal further. For example if you want to achieve 500 X in 3 months. The app will tell you how much X you need to achieve in each day, week, month to achieve the goal. This should be automatic. So according to my progress the app will calculate number of X for each day, week etc
3) Ability to group goals to catogorises . eg - intellectual, physical, mental

it could be better if it has a daily accumulated graph feature. For instance, after inputing three records in a day for one project, then the statistical graph should tell me how much I did in total for every single day. Then it should mark that particular project to pet you know that the daily target has been finished.

i want to add images for goal

widget is a must.please add it!

Feature to group tasks

- Is it possible to add a tool bar at the bottom of screen that I can access to options like screen setting, view entries by pressing an icon, rather than go into menu.
- add standard color code (6-8 different color like Google calendar ), so that can categorize projects by color
- combination mode of list and point, after I have completed my list, then it adds to a point
- larger title font size

1) I would love to have goals that don't have an end date. For example, I want to do 30 sit ups every day. I don't want the app to tell me how many days I have left. Righr now I set the goal point to 0 and just track my progress in the calendar view. If the day is blue, then I'm on track. :) 
2) I'd love the ability to set the color code by hex or some other precise means. I have three goals that I want to be the same color code, but it's almost impossible to pick the same color more than once.
3) I would love one goal calendar that shows the point icons from each of my goals. For example, one calendar would show the orange stars for situps, yellow stars for working out, and the blue hearts for meditating - all on the same calendar view. That way I can track my daily progress fir all my goals in one place.
4) I would freak out with glee if the aggregate calendar (request #3) was a widget. That would be fantastic.

it would be 30% better were there an option to autosync with Dropbox at applaunch and application shutdown. In these days when people most often have more than one device that is almost a must.

In the current version, line and bar graph can be drawn. However, the x axis is not the date, but the number of the entry. So if there is 2 months between two entries, they are drawn just as if there will be only 2 days. It would be nice to have an option to indicate whether the plot is (number, y) or (date, y)

It might really be usefull to have the possibility to clone or duplicate a task when it's done.

if there is a widget for this app or in production?

the ability to insert an image/photo to each of my goals/projects as a visualization

I feel the app would have a new sense of convenience if it had readily available widgets to quickly add new progress.

Can you include a type of task that has to be done per period, such as create a goal of doing something three times a week and then next week it resets and then you have to do the three tasks again? 


1. Please allow users to set the default local backup path. I have a 32GB SD Memory Card located in storage/extSdCard/ and there is no Android system limitations on storing backups, music, videos, documents, etc. With only 8 GB of internal memory, I need to store as much as possible in the Ext SD card; and,

2. To navigate backwards more easily than having to click on the bottom back button, I have become used to being able to click on a back arrow located on the top left corner of the page.

1. Please add subtasks, it would be very useful and it could manage dependencies.
2. What about google calendar integration?
3. It could be useful also adding notes or description in tasks
4. The smart view is very beautiful but i would like to filter based on my folders.

if it would be possible to add multiple tasks to a task list, because some "goals" I have require a TON of tasks, and adding them one by one is a little tiresome.

Hello, is expected to export to csv file?

I noticed which makes its use very burdensome when you are working on several goals is that you have to go through every calendar of each goal to be sure you don't clash on times. My suggestion is that you find a way to sync all the calenders into one main calendar so that all tasks in the day relating to different goals would show when you are adding other goals. Also add an alert to notify users of clashing times like in Microsoft outlook. Secondly, allow reminders to be set on the same page as setting the goal so that users don't have to navigate to a different page to set reminders.

Suggest to add repeated/ recurring task under task list.   I see habit building as a project built on small tasks / activities.  so hoping to get recurring option for me to track. 

Please make it easier to have limiting goals, i.e. Max. 3 coffee per day. I am experimenting with points but somehow seems backwards, especially for progress display.

Include one main category (project) and its multiple sub-categories. And able to email the project with all the subcategory entries with graph or just entries.

It needs a "dashboard", a screen that summarizes all goals in order to show me which are on track, and which are overdue. 
It also needs a color-coded icon to also show the status of a goal: overdue, slipping, on track, not started. 
While it doesn't bother me, there may be confusion in the marketplace over the difference between a goal and a project. I myself can't see any difference, and I'd suggest calling it one or the other. 
A nice feature would be, once you adopt color-coding, to have customized pass/fail percentage rates. E.g., if I am within 60% of meeting my goal, display as green, 50% yellow, and below that red.

1. I'd like to see an overview of all the projects I have. It probably should look like a 'progress' window, but with many charts, each per project. 
2. When I exercised a couple of times per day, for ex., 3 points for the first time and 2 points for the second time, then I can see that these points are not in a single column off the 'progress' window. So it feels like I did these exercises on two different days. The best solution would be to show summarized points per day per column, but with different colours between exercises. See the screenshot in attachment to see my idea. 
3. Also dates in format, like "2-3" means about nothing for me. Too many numbers three though ;) I guess it would be more handy to see dates in the following format: "feb 3", "mar 27", etc.

I like to have a main project with many tasks in it. For example the main project could be "lose weight". Under it I can have tasks like "go running" "eat sensibly" "push ups" etc. Now, for each task I would like its own way of measuring progress. Go running can be a boolean yes or no. Eat sensibly could be what you call point buttons. I might want a number value for push ups. 
And also, now you cannot change the way of measuring progress once a project has been created. Can that be made modifiable? 
And finally, if you could add more ways of measuring progress. 

Is it possible I duplicates project or copy entire tasks list to other project?
Another suggestion is export included Status bar and progress graph will be good.
I have 2 of your apps, Orange Diary, and Smart Goals. I love them both and use them every day. I'm wondering if you can make these apps communicate so that the goals could be seen in the journal entry.

Dark theme is absolutely necessary

Id love to see goals that recur on a periodic basis. For instance, I'd like to set weekly goals like runing 3 times a week. Currently, all I can do is create a goal that expires in a week and then recreate it each week, or multiply the number of times per week by the number of weeks I want to track which defeats the purpose of a weekly goal.

there is one thing I am missing: a possibility to create a Supergoal consisting of various Goals (each with different metrics).
For example, to achieve a supergoal X, I must achieve goal Y (measured in Points) and goal Z (measured in Numbers).
An alternative would be a goal consisting of Tasks, and an additional ability to measure each Task with some metric (Numbers, Points, perhaps Tasks).

I want to set as a goal to drink at least 2 litres of water every day and I need your help.
Is there a way for selecting a specific reminder sound just for this project?
Is there a way for setting a reminder every 2 hours in specific interval of the day (say from 7 to 22)?
Is there a way to see a separate chart for each single day? Visualizing the number of glasses of water drunk in a day helps you do your daily quota? And only after that you can go to meet your weekly and monthly quota.

One of the things I'd like to track is a monthly item, whereby I want to set a goal to do something x times per month, or to save y dollars per month. I could obviously set new goals each month, or make them yearly goals instead. However, I think the ability to make something a recurring goal - weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly - would be extremely useful.

Please create a widget feature.

Would you be able to add a functionality whereby, on project setup, the user could specify: 
*days of the week and hours of day when a project should be tracked

Would love to be able to put a picture of my choice on the goals, a visual inventive would be a plus.

subtasks in task list. For me it is very important to divide the tasks on subtasks

 It would be cool if I could add my own icons and also if I could average values for a day. so for a goal am trying to achieve I want to graph average score for the day.
I would really appreciate is in task list to have a drag and drop free sort. So the task could be arranged and sorted in the desired order.

Can you add additional types of measurement?   For example - i want to set a goal to run 30 minutes each day, 3 days a week.  I can see how you're setting the running example, but that's a total number of hours...    maybe it could remind a little more before when you're half way thru the week so that its less likely that it's impossible to get the 3 days in...  and in this case, it would evaluate weekly, with the larger goal being a month or 2 of this behavior.
if it supported a few layers below the task list (basically supporting task lists that contain task lists). So maybe you have your main task list, but then you have task lists underneath of that. Also having notes for the individual tasks or tasklist as a whole would be very helpful - that way you could document your progress toward your goal as you did it. (Having date & time for note entry would be important too)

I was wondering if widget's will be offered in the future?

Wish you would make it possible to move and save on sd card.